Removal of People from the Field Area

Referees have the power to stop a game to have a spectator, player or coach removed from the field area.

Spectators:  The ref will ask the Home Field coach to remove the parent/ fan who is disrupting the game.  Referees have the power to ask or demand that a spectator leave.  They have no direct control of anyone who is not a player or coach.  In brief, the referee engages in a version of Ask/Tell with regard to a spectator, but only through the coach.  In other words, if a spectator is causing a problem, we are to ask the coach to control any spectator whose behavior is unacceptable.  If the association of this spectator with one team or the other is unclear or disputed, then we engage both coaches.  The coaches must find ways to control the problem either through their own actions or with the assistance of other spectators or, if necessary, through recourse to external authorities.  If one or both coaches and/or additional spectators or the intervention do not resolve the problem, then the only remaining option is to suspend the game or terminate it altogether.

Players:  The ref will ask the Home Field coach to remove the player who is disrupting the game. That player should gather up their gear and leave the gaming area with a parent/ emergency contact.  The player may not stay and "watch" the game.

Coaches:  If a coach is told to leave the game for whatever reason, just do it.  Do not argue or carry on.  All disagreements can be addressed at a later time (if so desired).  If the coach refuses to leave the gaming area, the referee has the ability to end the game immediately and aware the win to the opposing team.  Reminder that you set the example for your players and should conduct yourself in a positive manner. Likewise, players set the example for the fans/ spectators - a positive attitude should be encouraged.

If the referee terminates the match (reminder they are the only ones who can), then the referees and coaches should gather before dispersing to make sure that the referee has sufficient information to complete their report.  

Coaches are also free to file a complaint with the East Central Soccer District, when the game is over.