Teamwork Game 3

   Stick Together

Watch this video to get an idea of what we’ll be doing.

Since our audience is young and we don’t want kids to “sit it out”, we’ll be doing a variation of this game.  Have all children hold hands, in a line.

The coach will then kick the ball around and the kids will try to “take it from the coach” and kick toward the goal.  Do not focus so much on actually making a goal.  The point is that they are working as a team to steal the ball and kick it in a general direction.

You can decide how aggressive or sneaky you want to be with keeping the ball away from them.  We do however recommend giving them the opportunity to “steal” it from you so they can see what it’s like to work as a team.

Variation:  Pair up all kids and have them try to steal the ball from each other.

Note:  We do not condone “clotheslining” anyone.  If you feel it would be helpful, mention this at the start of the activity.