Game 1

Listen, React and Don't Stay Down!

This is a good warm-up exercise that warms up the brain as well as the feet. You soon find out who can think quickly – and also who knows their left from their right!  Just don't be too hard on the players that can't distinguish between their Right and Left yet - Chances are they will just follow what the other players are doing anyway.

Have players spread out on the field.  A Ball is not necessary.

You shout out instructions (2-3 steps is good for this age).  In after each step, the player should sit down and stand up quickly.  You may have to repeat the steps as they do it.

Examples of steps (and you might want to show them how to do it before you begin the game).  And remind to have them sit and stand up in between each step.

- 2 To Your Left

- 1 To Your Right, 1 Forward

- 2 To Your Right, 1 Backwards

Make sure your kids are on their toes ready to move – no standing flat-footed. By having them sit between steps, it teaches them how to quickly get back up in the event they would fall during a game.