Game 1


  Alligator rivers

This session helps players brush up on their passing, their runs off the ball, dribbling and close-range finishing.

Set up

Set up an area of cones five-yards out from the end zone.

How to play it

Inside the main area, have the all players try to dribble through the river of cones. If they get through the river without hitting a cone (alligator) they can try to take out the big alligator (the net).  But if they hit a cone (alligator) they must go back to the start and try again.


Good technique should be praised as there are a lot of decisions to make when taking a run through the cones. Finishing is important here, after the hard work of getting through the cones.

Variation - Allow for some of the players to be alligator nets.  They would stand amongst the cones and try to steal the dribble. 



Game 2

Space Invaders

  Space Invaders

Set up

Have 3 pairs of Capturers (players) stand across from each other.  Have the other 2 players stand at one end waiting for the capturing to begin.

How to play it

The Capturer Pairs should kick a ball back and forth to each other, trying to hit the Space Invaders as they pass back and forth.  The Invaders should dribble a ball to the other end of the lines, trying not to get hit by a ball that crosses their path.

Swap out Invaders and Capturers when the Invaders make it to the other end. 

Variation – If an Invader is doing really well, use it as incentive for them to remain an Invader.  Only switch out players that get hit by a Capturers ball. 



Game 3

Funny Turns

Funny Turns


Area: Circle, 10 yards radius
Players: 8
Equipment: 12 cones, 8 balls

The Rules

The players start in center of the circle with a ball each.

Nominate a player to audition their funny turn. This can be any way they know of turning with the ball, however unorthodox.  The player, dribbles to one of the outside cones and shows a turn that all the others must watch.

If you are happy with the turn then the player dribbles back and all of the players get 1 minute to practice the turn they have just watched.

After the rehearsal the players have to work their way around a cone and back to the center of the circle.

Make sure everyone has a chance to audition a turn.

The first player displays their funny turn.


The rest of the players try to copy it.



You pick who did the copycat best and let them be the next Funny Player.


No matter how easy or hard the turn, give the players lots of praise and encourage them to try different things.