Effective for the 2021/22 seasonal year, there are new “Adult Athlete” Safe Soccer national requirements that all members of U.S. Soccer must implement by January 1, 2022.  “Adult Athletes” are defined as participants who are 18 years of age or older who have regular contact participating on teams with minor athletes (this includes, but is not limited to training, scrimmages, games, etc.). Adult Athletes must complete a background check (valid every two years) as well as the annual SafeSport training.

Clubs are required to complete the self-report process for adult athletes within their club. Do not complete this process until athletes are 18 years old.  Once a player turns 18 years old during the seasonal year, he/she has 45 days to complete the Adult Athlete requirements.

  • Club Admin will self-report their players’ status as ‘Adult Athlete’  (to individually edit players, use the blue edit button to change the status to ‘Adult Athlete’.)
  • When the Adult Athlete has completed their risk requirements, WYSA will change their status to ‘Risk Verified’.
  • Once ‘Risk Verified’ follow the standard procedure for roster approval
  • Safe Sport Training can be found HERE
  • Risk Management (Background Check) process can be started HERE

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